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BEIRUT Lebanon’s attractiveness as a one of popular touristic destinations lies in its mix and variety of activities offered to business, religious, adventurous and leisure tourists.
Growth potential exists in both city centered attractions as well as in mountains, ski resorts, beaches and wild life.

Experience all the attractions Lebanon has to offer


Lebanon has been cited by CNN and the New York Times as the number ONE city in the world for its unique beaches and resorts, and the vibrant Beirut’s nightlife.
Leisure tourism continues to have the highest market share although business, ecotourism, and health tourism in Lebanon are on the rise.



Lebanon tourism sector is one of the most diverse in the world. Lebanon’s cultural heritage, combined with its many historical and religious sites make it one of the top destinations for cultural, wellness, ecotourism and religious tourism.

A number of touristic sites have been nominated by the UNESCO as World Heritage sites and have attracted a great number of international and regional tourists.

These include:

– Anjar
– Baalbek
– Byblos
– Tyre
– Ouadi Qadisha (the Holy Valley)
– The Forest of the Cedars of God (Horsh Arz el-Rab)

Lebanon is recently well-known for medical tourism, a wide selection of hospitals and highly qualified doctors in their specialism for cosmetic surgeries, beauty care, slimming programs, detox programs and other…


The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, is where the majority of Lebanon’s medical infrastructure is found. Most of the 11,500 doctors working at 177 hospitals and clinics across the country are Board Certified and trained internationally. With costs significantly lower than in most developed countries and plenty of highly-skilled surgeons and physician, etc…

So, we’re glad to provide to all foreign visitors who require medical treatment or care after any surgical procedure (orthopedic, cardiac, psychiatry, convalescent care, dental or cosmetic surgeries), a comprehensive healthcare package. Certified medical doctors or consultants advise on the medical treatment. The approximate expenditure, choice of hospitals and tourist destinations, and duration of stay, etc., is discussed.


Lebanon is endowed with a unique landscape and a natural heritage and a mild climate that distinguish it from all the neighboring countries.


Lebanon’s educated and multilingual workforce is one of the major strengths of the tourism industry as people are trained to assist and receive tourists with various cultural backgrounds.